Bookish Links

And now, for some of the best bookish links from around the internet this week…


1. A Brief Survey of the Great American Novels(s)

What constitutes the Great American Novel? Does it change over time? This fascinating article includes a collection of quotations from various authors and journalists about books as varied as Moby-Dick to The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao. 


2. Further Reading: North Korea

“Beyond the finger-pointing, threats, and not-so-funny humor are the hidden people of a devastated country whose stories are agonizingly, slowly coming to light. The regime will fall one day. Until then, insightful books provide our best opportunities for encouraging education and understanding.”


3. Realizations on Writing and Reading by Allan Wolf

“Writing nearly killed me. Reading saved my life.”


4. 21 Award-Winning Children’s Books for Black History Month

A well curated collection of books for Black History Month, subdivided by age group for elementary, middle school, and high school.


5. 100 Must-Read Graphic Memoirs

A listing of 100 memoirs told in the format of a graphic novel — a format made famous by books like Maus and Persepolis. I’d read a number of these, but by no means all, and I spent quite a while combing through looking for new picks to get my hands on soon.

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