Picture Books about Fish

A Swim Through the Sea – by Kristin Joy Pratt

a swim through the sea.jpg

This lovely book takes an alphabetical approach to life in the sea. From Angelfish to Zebrafish, each page examines a new fish or marine animal, giving the reader a glimpse into the creature’s life and habits. Interesting and informative, this book provides a wonderful introduction to the diversity of life in our oceans.

About Fish: A Guide for Children – by Cathryn Sill

about fish (2).JPG

With delicate illustrations and clear, simple text, this book makes a great introduction to fish — both fresh-water and salt-water.

Life in a Coral Reef – by Wendy Pfeffer

life in a coral reef

With bold, vibrant illustrations (by the inimitable Steve Jenkins), this book examines the inhabitants of coral reefs. It explores the life cycle of the coral itself, as well as the fish, eels, crabs, sea cucumbers, etc. that make their homes in coral reefs. I found it particularly interesting that this book examined coral reefs both in the daytime and at night, showing the different creatures that come out at different times of day.

My Visit to the Aquarium – by Aliki

my visit

This story follows a young boy who visits an aquarium with his younger sister and older brother. The illustrations are detailed, and the various species of fish and marine animals are clearly marked within the illustrations as the boy wanders from exhibit to exhibit. There’s a lot of great information presented in a narrative form in this book, and it would be great coupled with your own visit to an aquarium!

Bubble Homes and Fish Farts – by Fiona Bayrock

bubble homes

This book isn’t solely focused on fish — it examines all kind of animals (mostly marine animals) that use bubbles in some way during their daily life. For instance, there’s a page devoted to the water spider, which uses bubbles to breathe in its underwater web. Another page highlights the way sea otters use bubbles under their fur to stay warm in icy water. My son and I both found this book to be fascinating, and it certainly expanding my knowledge about how animals use bubbles.

Sea Horse: the Shyest Fish in the Sea – by Chris Butterworth

sea horse.jpg

A beautifully illustrated introduction to sea horses — their life cycle and habits, their defensive mechanisms and reproduction. And lots of pictures of cute baby sea horses.

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