Picture Books for St. Patrick’s Day

My son has been far more interested in holidays this year than he was in the past. This can at times be problematic — like when he declares his own holiday and is then thoroughly disappointed when I inform him that it doesn’t mean he gets the day off from school. But I’ve been trying to catch the wave of his enthusiasm in other ways, like introducing him to good books surrounding each holiday. Here are some that we enjoyed about St. Patrick’s Day.

Patrick: Patron Saint of Ireland – by Tomie de Paola


A beautiful introduction to St. Patrick as a person — his history and his legacy. It includes a number of legends about St. Patrick at the end.

St. Patrick’s Day – by Gail Gibbons

st. patrick's.jpg

This book provides a brief introduction to the life of St. Patrick, as well as some of symbolism and traditions surrounding St. Patrick’s Day.

That’s What Leprechauns Do – by Eve Bunting

that's what.jpg

A charming tale of leprechauns playing mischief on the inhabitants of an Irish village.

Jamie O’Rourke and the Pig Potato – by Tomie de Paola

jamie o'roarke

A fun tale about a lazy farmer, an enormous potato, and a village coming together. I particularly liked the dialogue in this book — it lent itself well to being read aloud in an Irish accent.

Tim O’Toole and the Wee Folk – by Gerald McDermott

tim o'toole.jpg

A clever story about a poor man who seeks help from the leprechauns, only to be cheated by his neighbors. The ending includes tricks and mischief all around.

Too Many Leprechauns – by Stephen Krensky

too many leprechauns.jpg

A fun tale of a wily young man, a bunch of grumpy leprechauns, and some stolen gold.

The Leprechaun’s Gold – by Pamela Duncan Edwards

the leprechaun's gold

Old Pat and Young Tom are on their way to a harping contest when they hear a cry for help coming from the woods. Old Pat’s humility and kindness toward a leprechaun in need serve him well in the end.

The St. Patrick’s Day Shillelagh – by Janet Nolan

the st. patrick's day shillelagh.jpg

This story follows several generations of an Irish-American family as they keep their history alive through storytelling.




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