Whatever You do, Don’t Run – by Peter Allison

whatever you do.jpgPeter Allison, a safari guide in Botswana, knows the rules for interacting with large and dangerous wildlife. For example, when being attacked by a lion, don’t run. Food runs. Respected opponents stand their ground. And in his line of work, he has plenty of opportunity to live out these rules – in more and less successful ways.

In this collection of stories, he humorously relates his experiences in Botswana: experiences with wildlife (from hairless baboons to birthing mother elephants), with the lifestyle of a safari guide (from drowning land rovers to trying to sleep through the sounds of mating lions), and with the tourists he leads (from strip poker playing British aristocrats to camera wielding Japanese tourists).

While the humor at times borders on the crass (what kind of humor did you expect from a twenty-something Australian guy who leads safaris for a living?), this book is a wonderful picture of the beauties and absurdities that result from close contact with wild animals.


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