Picture Books about China

Ruby’s Wish – by Shirin Yim Bridges

ruby's wish

This story, based on the life of the author’s grandmother, follows a young girl growing up in a well-to-do Chinese household in the early 20th century. Ruby’s grandfather is forward-thinking and allows the girls in his household to be educated as well as the boys. But Ruby longs for even more — she wants to go to university. This is an engaging and heart-warming story, and led to some interesting discussion with my son about cultural and historical practices regarding women and education.


Shanyi Goes to China – by Sungwan So

shanyi goes to china
An engaging book about a Chinese-American girl who visits China. Full of lovely photography, this is a great introduction to what a trip to China looks like through the eyes of a child.


The Empty Pot – by Demi


Illustrated in a beautiful and traditional style, this book presents a version of a Chinese folk tale. The emperor is searching for a successor, and he hands out seeds to all of the children of the land, telling them that the child who is able to grow the most magnificent flower will become his successor. Ping admits to the Emperor that he has been unable to grow a flower at all, and is rewarded for his honesty and sincerity.


The Seven Chinese Sisters – by Kathy Tucker

seven chinese sister

This whimsical tale follows seven sisters (each with her own individual talents) as they seek to rescue their youngest sister from a hungry dragon.


Bringing in the New Year – by Grace Lin

bringing in the new year

A brightly illustrated description of Chinese traditions surrounding the New Year celebration. My son left our reading of it fascinated by the idea of “sweeping out the old year” to bring in the new.


10 thoughts on “Picture Books about China

  1. firsttimetravel

    Dropping by from #LMMLinkup. I’d love to have picture books on places. It’s a great way to educate children (and even adults!) of the culture of different countries. When I was small, I love to browse picture books of places in our library.

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