Home for Christmas – by Jan Brett

This is the charming story of Rollo, a naughty young troll, who runs away from home in order to evade his chores, has some wonderful adventures with a variety of northern animals, and learns the value of family and kindness. The story closes with a beautiful Scandinavian Christmas celebration. Each page is rich with detail and brings alive its Swedish folklore setting. It’s also a wonderful introduction to the lives of northern animals: owls, bears, otters, lynx, and moose.

home for christmas

Jan Brett’s illustrations are as magnificent as ever. Each illustration has an intricate birchbark “frame,” with pictures tucked into the side of the frame which point to other parts of the story. They’re perfect illustrations for allowing the child to help tell the story: much of the detail one notices in the illustrations isn’t repeated in the text. While the storyline is more predictable than The Hat or The Mitten, it’s charming and good for reading aloud.

Curl up with your child and some mugs of cider and enjoy this book together on a long winter evening.


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